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“Dr. Brown has authored a 106 page book entitled “ Thoughts for a Positive Life”


Dr. Brown has authored a 106 page book entitled “ Thoughts for a Positive Life “ which provides the individual with solutions to recurring problems that we all face at times in our life’s journey.

It also includes scriptures, quotations from famous people, and special symbols designed to put the reader in a positive frame of mind. Dr. Brown says that every home should have this book and refer to it often, in these days when so much is happening that can cause one to be dejected ( a reason why the killings have increased ) The book can be gotten through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Dr. Brown reminds us that “Our thoughts govern our actions”.


“The story came to me in a dream and gripped my every waking thought. Soul and tears were poured into this novel, and I hope it wakes and soothes your heart.”

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